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Banur, Punjab

Ambika Mall, Banur is a new-era urban shopping complex designed to satisfy the emerging demand for hi-tech commercial complexes in the retail world. Spread across 1.36 acres of land, the mall encompasses retail space, offices, a food court and cinema space.
The five-storeyed shopping centre contains retail shops. An open-air terrace floats at mid-level invigorating life into the complex.
The diagonal cross-section, overlooking the expansive views of the terrace and the city, breaks the regular geometry of the structure and gives an interesting dimension to the elevation. Clad with aluminium composite panels interspersed with structural glazing, the exterior boasts a modern aesthetic. The boxed projections are finished with horizontal fins fixed over a glass facade, adding visual texture to the external fabric.
The design approach - a combination of community engagement, visual splendour, and a neighbourhood-centred vision, has helped create a new, dynamic landmark in the urban district.

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