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Hotel Amber Pari is one of our ongoing commercial projects. Located on a dishevelled hillside, the project required an adequate planning module for implementation. Making use of the topography, built blocks have been segregated to capitalise on the stunning views and create a user-interactive design.
The main block is centrally placed, with an entrance porch leading to the reception and waiting lounge. The banquet hall, characterised by a separate entrance has an attached open terrace elevated from the ground, overlooking the picturesque surroundings. As we go to the upper levels, the floor plate area decreases significantly and each level extends into an open seating space. The gently reclining structure integrates naturally with the surroundings, forming a stepped silhouette offering expansive views across the hillside.
The open-seating restaurant combined with an infinity pool is ideally located on the terrace making it the perfect recreation spot for unwinding, enjoying and cherishing the splendid sunset views and the gentle zephyr at the top. Placed along the perimeter of the site, are the cottages consisting of rooms stacked one above the other with three on each floor. While the spa and games block is interconnected via a bridge with the main hotel block making it accessible without compromising on the required privacy.
Commitment to sustainability is integrated into the design. the outdoor green terraces and connecting bridges help in improving the microclimate along with enhancing the overall user experience. Respecting the site conditions by reducing a lot of cuts and fill and use of locally available materials on the facade are conscious efforts made towards the promotion of sustainable architecture.
Combining the characteristics of both- site-friendly and user-friendly planning, the hotel at Amber Pari is a testament to the fact that function and form can go hand in hand to achieve higher levels of design excellence.

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