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HOTEL Aureum Grand


Spread over an area of approximately 6 acres, HOTEL SSIR is located near the Jammu- Pathankot highway in Vijaypur, sambha district. The premises are at a distance of 21 km from the Jammu Airport and 24 km from the General bus stand.
The intensive site planning module is composed of a subset of elements interconnected through organic landscaping to simplify technical challenges without compromising on spatial quality or design ambition. The site has an adequate parking space with separate surface parking for the banquet and hotel.
The planning is majorly divided into three vertical zones- the MS structures house larger span areas including a quadrupled-height banquet hall with an attached lush green lawn, multi-speciality restaurants, gaming zones and PVR. The rooms and suites, designed on either side of the central steel structure, enjoy uninhibited views of the surrounding landscape through continuous wide glass stripes on ACP cladding for each floor.
Leisure spaces like the spa and coffee shop have been designed on the terraces of the tapered hotel block partially engulfed with the rooftop curvature enjoying panoramic views of the city surroundings. The LED lighting illuminates the exteriors highlighting the diverse elements on the facade. The animated lighting on the glass, adds drama to outer space generating visual interest.
The unconventional exteriors triumph as the most appealing feature and are noticed from a wide distance by virtue of being unique/different. A lightweight organic roof structure floats over concrete mass, its soft shape and contour collectively creating an artificial landscape that describes the movement and circulation within.
The glass-clad- shell structure glides over the tapered hotel block. The fluidity superimposed with the inverted trapezoidal geometric form, explores the relationship between surface and structure, hence creating a compelling interplay of soft and bold.
The VMZINC sheet further envelopes the glass facade as a continuous curve on one side and a concave erosion on the other. The strikingly modern structure expresses itself through a unique blend of glass and cladding materials adding character to the hotel.

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