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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

East Bourne, an eco-tourism Luxury Resort is situated in the queen of the hill station "SHIMLA" at an altitude of 6500 Ft. in the Himalayas The property shares connectivity with various conveyance mechanisms that include a railway station (5km), bus stop (4 km) and airport (30km). Provided with every modern amenity, East Bourne is more than a resort, it’s an experience.

Residing in the raw and rustic beauty of snow-clad mountains and the misty ambience of the dense pine forests, the hotel offers the quintessential vintage feel of a French cottage in the countryside. The design of multi-paned, large glass windows over the façade visually off-setting the grey slate roofing material along with ashlar masonry construction is typical of French colonial times. The roof eave is flared well over the outer wall to add elegance to the facade.

The planning has been segregated among five blocks in accordance with the site profile. The parking has been provided on the ground level of the two blocks nearest to the site entrance. The public areas including the banquet; with open seating and conference halls have been housed in one block with a nightclub in its basement. The facilities in the resort also include 61 centrally heated luxury rooms with attached baths, a Multi Cuisine Restaurant & two open Air Terrace Garden Restaurants. The swimming pool with a sunken bar surrounded by a spa, salon and gym along with a children's pool with adjacent games room are the paramount points of leisure/ recreation.

The immaculate landscaping compliments the resplendent exteriors. The cottage garden style uses an informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants which help create a strong visual impact. Moreover, the ambience of open dining and seating areas is exemplified by the use of suspended planters over exposed steel frames on the ceiling. Connecting pathways covered with locally made bricks, pots, ornaments, and furniture with traditional finishes collectively gives a more casual and charming feel to the hotel enterprise.

Exquisite views from the rooms, public areas like the Bakery and Library overlooking the picturesque view of surrounding lush foliage, and the panoramic beauty of the hills through the open terraces- all blend to fabricate a one-of-a-kind experience of being at home away from home!!

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