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Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Surrounded by panoramic views of the majestic mountains and age-old pine trees; overlooking the town of Kasauli is the Hotel at Sari, one of the upcoming holiday accommodations in the region.
The design has been conceptualised on the themes of comfort and leisure. The lavish interiors and the alluring outdoor spaces are a testament to the same. Design solutions are offered by the site topography itself. The contoured site has been utilised to its maximum by the play-in levels of built blocks. The facade is adorned with elongated dormer windows, a uni stone facade complemented with glass windows extending till the pitch of the roof.
Located on a steep hillside the design is formulated with reception and parking on the top floor and rooms on subsequent lower floors. The unique attic-styled reception with pale wooden flooring, exposed wooden rafters and large glass windows, gives the reminiscence of a vintage European hotel. The hotel consists of 97 rooms and suites spread across two blocks and cottages, having locale design touches with rich colours, wooden floors, plush furnishings and stunning views.
The restaurant on the lower floor of the main block flows into a spill-out space (also the terrace of the second block) - caricatured as a common relaxation spot and seating area for both blocks. The banquet hall with an extended open seating area is ideally placed above the restaurant and bar floor, capitalizing on the essence of the exhilarating outdoors. The hotel also houses a spa, gym and conference room on separate floors enjoying an unhindered sight of the cityscape.
Delving further into the contoured landscape, the design boasts of the salient feature of gazebos in floating water complemented with immaculate landscaping elevating the ambience of the exteriors. The cottage garden style uses an informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants which help create a strong visual impact. Connecting pathways covered with locally made bricks, pots, ornaments, and furniture with traditional finishes collectively gives a more casual and charming feel to the hotel enterprise.

An amalgamation of aesthetic interiors and enthralling exteriors, the Hotel offers the perfect experience of a memorable holiday delight…

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