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Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

With its unparalleled scenic beauty, Dharamshala is an important tourist destination with rising numbers of visitors from across the country. An amalgamation of comfort and recreation - the magnificent luxury Resort Revanta is designed as the perfect bet for a much-needed break from city life, equipped with all amenities for a modern-day traveller.
Utilising the contoured site of 0.35 acres to its maximum, the project has been designed in two blocks. The entrance block, with a grand porch, leads to the double-height reception and waiting lounge, styled with sophisticated interiors. Placed at a vantage point, the block consists of 4 rooms with a pool and spa, ideally located on the terrace making it the perfect recreation spot for unwinding, enjoying, and cherishing the stunning vistas of the mountains.
The terrace further flows into the restaurant and bar area of the second block, via a sit-out area. The premises consist of 40 spacious and smartly furnished rooms formulated in two categories based on areas- 30 sq.m, and 35sq.m respectively. Located on a steep hillside, the rooms are purposely devised on upper levels, enamouring the visitor with a classic view of the hillside. Other facilities include a conference hall for the meetings, designed on the terrace of the second block.
In the midst of the pristine, peaceful, and picturesque surroundings, the tastefully designed elevation stands out - with the pediment on the frontal block merged with the well-lit protruding uni stone facade articulated with arches. Rooms are defined by recessed windows and balconies in front, accentuating the facade.
Offering the perfect blend of alluring interiors and exhilarating exteriors, this serene refuge is an ideal setting for a holiday extravaganza.

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