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Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

With its unparalleled scenic beauty, Dalhousie is an important tourist destination with a rising number of visitors from across the country. This hotel equipped with all amenities by a modern-day traveller is set to be one of the finest in the region and is a significant addition to our portfolio.
" An attractive hotel in an idyllic setting." is how one could best describe Hotel Sarovar Portico. Amid the pristine, peaceful and picturesque surroundings, the tastefully designed elevation stands out - with the pediment on the frontal block merged with the well-lit protruding uni stone facade articulated with arches. Rooms are defined by recessed windows and balconies in front, enamouring the visitor with a classic view of the hillside.
Located on a steep hillside, the design proposes a reception on the top floor and rooms on subsequent lower floors. The contemporary reception is styled with sophisticated interiors. The reception area accessorized with Italian marble flooring, sculptural side tables, laminate and veneer finishes and striking overhead chandeliers-is a sight to behold.
The hotel consists of 35 spacious and smartly furnished rooms and 9 suites formulated in a single block. Other facilities include a conference and party hall for get-togethers and functions, a bar opposite the multi-cuisine restaurant and a banquet hall. The parking space is at road level with the reception and other rooms beneath.
Cascading down the contours, towards the northeast corner resides the recreational block. Placed at a vantage point, the block consists of 8 rooms with a pool and spa on the terrace that lap up stunning vistas of the mountains. Unwinding at the spa, enjoying the splendid sunset views at the pool, cherishing the gentle zephyr at the open terrace- Hotel Sarovar Portico offers all of this and more!! Off to the beaten path, this serene refuge is the ideal setting for a holiday extravaganza.

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