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Dr. Pankaj Residence

Aerocity house

One of the key design elements of the residence is the use of clean lines and geometric shapes. These shapes can be seen in the design of the windows, doors, and the overall shape of the building. The use of straight lines and angles creates a sense of order and organization in the design.
The residential house in Aerocity, Mohali is designed as a double-storey structure. Complying with the design brief of encapturing outside views, the internal spaces are articulated with extended balconies and open terraces. Rooms have been planned at the front and rear end of the plot, defined with sliders and glass windows, adhering to the site constraint of being a centre plot.
Enhanced and embellished with HPL panels and ACP cladding, the color scheme is kept neutral and the material palette minimally caters to the client's taste.

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