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Inder Residence

The residential house in Chandigarh is designed as a stilt plus 4-storey structure with bedrooms on the lower floors; a gym and an office space on the upper floor. Complying with the design brief of encapturing outside views, the internal spaces are articulated with extended balconies and open terraces. Rooms have been planned at the front and rear end of the plot, defined with sliders and glass windows, adhering to the site constraint of being a centre plot.
The juxtaposition of different geometries, highlighted with a varied range of materials across the facade gives it a dynamic character and in turn creates a greater visual impact. Emphasizes simplicity and organization, and this is reflected in the use of clean lines and geometric shapes in the design of the building. Straight lines, angles, and curves are used to create a sense of order and symmetry.
The essence of each space is kept distinct by varying the degree of transparency, scale, natural light, privacy, and layering. Thereby enunciating transitional experiences by transforming the user’s movement into a sequential yet seamless phenomenon.

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