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omaxe house

The 100' x 45' Residence in Omaxe City, New Chandigarh beautiful residence gives a sense of hills and plains because of its elevational elements derived from these regions. The hill’s style is characterized by a warm and cozy feel with natural materials such as wood and stone. On the other hand, plain-style architecture is known for its simplicity and functionality, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation.
The combination of these two styles can create a beautiful and unique aesthetic that blends the warmth and natural elements of the hills style with the simplicity and functionality of the plain style.
Natural light, filtering through glass apertures and wide cutouts illuminates the interiors. The essence of each space is kept distinct by varying the degree of transparency, scale, natural light, privacy, and layering. Thereby enunciating transitional experiences by transforming the user’s movement into a sequential yet seamless phenomenon

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