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Jammu House

The site is a 50'x100' corner property in a densely populated community of urban Jammu. Adhering to the rectangular site dimensions, the spaces are articulated along the longitudinal axis. The design exercise centred around creating a good space surmounting the challenges posed by a small scale and its detailing.
The entrance opens into a double-height guest lobby further leading to living and dining areas on the ground. Bedrooms, stacked on upper floors, enjoy views of the vibrant surroundings courtesy of the wide-open terraces and balconies. The 3-storey high structure houses a gym and sauna on its top floor, giving these spaces the required privacy.
The perforated volumes layer forms the front facade, providing unobstructed views to reveal moments that elevate the notion of 'home’. An array of solids and voids, highlighted with an eclectic use of materials and textures on the exterior, creates the perfect imagery of contemporary design

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