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Silver City Residence

The 100' x 90' centre plot in silver city, Zirakpur is an amalgamation of function and leisure; public and private spaces; comfort and aesthetic. Spread wide across an area of 8000 sq.m, the design splurges onto large and luxurious spaces. The rectangular site dimension allows for the articulation of spaces along the longitudinal axis.
The design considerations are not only limited to the assimilation of functionality and aesthetics but extend beyond the conventional schematics of residential planning. Anchored around a central seating hall, the ground floor houses the gym, spa and sauna expanding further into the pool area while the bedrooms are shifted to the upper floors.
Natural light, filtering through glass apertures and wide cutouts illuminates the interiors. Private spaces including the bar and library extend into open terraces, punctuated with glass railings and pergolas encouraging informal engagement and blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.
The essence of each space is kept distinct by varying the degree of transparency, scale, natural light, privacy and layering. Thereby, enunciating transitional experiences by transforming the user’s movement into a sequential yet seamless phenomenon.
The external facade is attributed to an eclectic mix of materials and textures accentuating the projections and protrusions. Shimmering through a palette of finishes, the glass completes the look of the modern aesthetic on the exteriors.

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